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expert sleepers
es-2-2 (acrylic panel with black jacks)

price : $99.00

es-2-2 (acrylic panel with silver jacks)

price : $99.00

es-2-2 (aluminium panel with black jacks)

price : $99.00

es-2-2 (aluminium panel with silver jacks)

price : $99.00

the expert sleepers es-2 cv/audio interface is a eurorack module designed for use with software such as expert sleepers silent way. it takes as inputs cvs from your analogue synths/effects on 3.5mm jacks, and outputs audio signals on 1/4" jacks which you connect to your computer audio interface. you then use the silent way cv input plug-in to interpret the audio signal and output cvs in your daw for recording, processing etc.

there is currently one variant of the es-2, the es-2-2, which has two inputs and two outputs. (there may one day be, for example, an es-2-8.) the es-2-2's specifications are as follows:

panel width: 4hp
module depth: 26mm
input connections (cv from synth): 3.5mm jack sockets
output connections (to audio interface): impedance-balanced 1/4" trs jack sockets
maximum input voltage: approximately 11v dc
maximum output signal: approximately 0 dbv
input impedance: effectively infinite (fet buffer)
output impedance: 100 ohms

the front panel is drilled for both doepfer and analogue systems mounting holes (using a 'slot' rather than a single round hole). the power connector is a doepfer standard 16 way idc, with -12v furthest from the top of the board.

there are two options for the es-2-2 panel: 3mm translucent orange acrylic, and 2mm orange painted aluminium. there is no difference in price or specification.

there are no user-adjustable settings on the es-2.

pcb layout

click here to view the manufacturer's webpage for more info.

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