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elite modular
e208 portable 6u

price : $750.00

E208 Portable 6U

6u / 104hp
portable eurorack modular flight case
lightweight (only 9.5 lbs, half the weight of other 6us)
strong construction using baltic birch
black ballistic super rugged coating
make noise power bus board
total power: 1.4a of +12v, 1.4a -12, 1a +5
20 euro connectors for modules
4.3a switching power brick
removable top
can close with a full patch
20 m2.5 sliding nuts and screws per rail (80 total)
complies with airline carry on restrictions
fits within ryanair/easyjet carry on 55cm-40cm-20cm
exterior dimensions: 21.5" w x 10.75" h x 6" d
space above the busboard (top 6u) 2"
space without the busboard (bottom 6u) 2 9/16" 66mm

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