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earthquaker devices
pulse machine

price : $145.00

the pulse machine is a heavily modified and finely tuned version of the old "ea" tremolo schematic that so many tremolos are based on. it sounds beautiful (crisp and clear but well rounded), it's highly useable and virtually silent. it's very reminiscent of old amp trems we are all so fond of. the rate can go from soft pulse-like throbs to a fast and racy sputter and the high brightness led flashes along. the depth control works through the whole range and there is more than enough volume on tap. if you are looking for a simple and dynamic tremolo, this is your dude!


sounds: all sound samples done with a fender stratocaster
Rate- 11 O'Clock Depth- 10 O'Clock Level- Noon
Rate- 9 O'Clock Depth- max Level- Noon
Rate- 3 O'Clock Depth- Noon Level- Noon
Rate- max Depth- Noon Level- Noon
Rate- max Depth- 9 O'Clock Level- Noon
Rate- 11 O'Clock Depth- 8 O'Clock Level- Noon w/ Distortion

true bypass with led indicator
standard boss-style 9v adapter or battery operation (battery included)
high quality parts throughout
handmade with care in akron, ohio

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