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doepfer modulars are not only the most popular current modular system available but also the most flexible... just take a look at the number of available modules! doepfer offer a very high-quality analogue sound with control-voltage abilities and dedicated knobs for most modules. they are well constructed and sell for very reasonable prices, making them a great value.

we stock the complete catalog of modules and doepfer is always working on more.

feel free to call or email us to ask for our help in pre-configuring a system or placing an order.

download the pdf manual for doepfer a-100 modules. while not up to date, this manual lists all of the a-100 modules up to the end of 2009 and is a very valuable source of info about them.

a100 series modules :

filters (a10x) :

A-101-2 Vactrol Low Pass GateA-103 18dB Low Pass 1 (VCF6)

a-101-1 a-101-2 a-101-3 a-101-6 a-101-9 a-102 a-103 a-104 a-105
a-106-1 a-106-5 a-106-6 a-107 a-108 a-109


sound sources & modifiers (a-11x) :

A-110-2 Basic VCOA-110-4 Thru Zero Quadrature VCOA-111-2 High End VCO II / VCLFOA-111-3 Micro Precision VCO / VCLFOA-115 Audio Divider
A-119 External Input / Envelope Follower
a-110-1 a-110-2 a-110-4 a-111 a-111-2 a-111-3 a-112 a-113 a-114 a-115 a-116
a-117 a-118 a-119


filters (a-12x) :

A-120 24dB Low Pass 1 (VCF1)A-124 VCF5 / Wasp Filter

a-120 a-121-2 a-122 a-124 a-125 a-127 a-128
a-129 vocoder system comprising : a-129-1 a-129-2 a-129-3 a-129-4 a-129-5


vca, mixers & modifiers (a-13x) :

A-132 Dual Voltage Controlled AmplifierA-132-3 Dual Linear/Exponential VCAA-134 Voltage Controlled PanningA-135-1 Voltage Controlled Mixer / Quad VCAA-137-1 Wave Multiplier 1
A-138A MixerA-138B Mixer (Potentiometers With Logarithmic Response)A-138O Performance Mixer OutA-138P Performance Mixer
a-130 a-131 a-132 a-132-2 a-132-3 a-132-4 a-133 a-134 a-134-2 a-135-1 a-136 a-137-1 a-137-2
a-138a a-138b a-138c a-138d a-138e a-138m a-138o a-138p a-138u a-139-2


modulation sources (a-14x) :

A-140 ADSR Envelope GeneratorA-141-2 Voltage Controlled Envelope Generator Vcadsr / VCLFO
A-143-9 Voltage Controlled Quadrature LFOA-148 Dual Sample & HoldA-149-1 Quantized/Stored Random Voltages
a-140 a-141 a-141-2 a-142 a-142-4 a-143-1 a-143-2 a-143-3
a-143-4 a-143-9 a-144 a-145 a-146 a-147 a-147-2 a-148 a-149-1 a-149-2


switches & sequencers (a-15x) :

A-150 Dual Voltage Controlled SwitchA-151 Quad Sequential SwitchA-152 Voltage Addressed Track&Hold / Switch (Multiplexer) / Digital OutputsA-154 Enhanced Sequential ControllerA-155 Analog/Trigger SequencerA-156 Dual Quantizer

a-150 a-151 a-152 a-154 a-155 a-156


clock, gate & digital modules (a-16x) :

A-160-2 Clock/Trigger Divider IIA-160-5 Controlled Clock Multiplier / Ratcheting ControllerA-162 Dual Trigger DelayA-166 Dual Logic Module
a-160 a-160-2 a-160-5 a-161 a-162 a-163 a-164-1 a-165 a-166 a-167


voltage sources (a-17x) :

a-170 a-171 a-171-2 a-172 a-174 a-174-2 a-175 a-176 a-177-2 a-178


auxiliary modules (a-18x) :

A-184-2 Voltage Controlled Crossfader / Triangle-to-Sine WaveshaperA-185-2 Precision CV AdderA-187-1 Voltage Controlled DSP EffectsA-188-1 BBD Module

a-180 a-180-2 a-180-3 a-181 a-182-1 a-183-1 a-183-2 a-183-3 a-184-1 a-184-2 a-185-1 a-185-2 a-186 a-187-1 a-188-1 a-188-2 a-189-1


special modules (a-19x) :

A-192 Voltage-to-MIDI Interface CVM16A-192-2 Dual CV/Gate to Midi/USB InterfaceA-196 Phase Locked Loop
a-190-2 a-190-3 a-190-4 a-190-8 a-192 a-192-2 a-196 a-197-2 a-198 a-199

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