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midi keyboard electronics
(for 2-3 octave keyboards)
without keyboard & cables

price : $115.00

midi keyboard electronics
(for 4-5 octave keyboards)
without keyboard & cables

price : $115.00

power supply

price : $15.00

2 octave keyboard
tp/7, unweighted, dynamic bubble contacts

price : $50.00

3 octave keyboard
tp/9, unweighted, dynamic bubble contacts

price : $80.00

4 octave keyboard
tp/9, unweighted, dynamic bubble contacts

price : $110.00

5 octave keyboard
tp/9, unweighted, dynamic bubble contacts

price : $140.00

5 octave waterfall keyboard
tp/80, organ keyboard, weighted, dynamic bubble contacts

price : $200.00

cable set for keyboard with 2 or 3 octaves
(~ 30cm, 20 pins)

price : $20.00

cable set for keyboard with 4 or 5 octaves
( ~ 2x50cm, 16 pins)

price : $25.00

mke is an universal midi keyboard electronics to built custom-made midi controllers that include a keyboard. combining the mke with our controller electronics pocket electronic, dial electronic,  ctm64 or mtc64 allows the construction of an unique midi controller that exactly meets the requirements of the user.

these units can be connected to mke:
standard keyboard manufactured by fatar/italy with 2, 3, 4 or 5 octaves (keyboard types tp/7, tp/8 or tp/9, with velocity)
pitch bend wheel (special spring-loaded rotary potentiometer)
modulation wheel (special rotary potentiometer)
rotary or fader potentiometer for loudness/volume control (midi cc#7)
after touch sensor or socket for sustain switch or another potentiometer for any midi controller

the mke pc board has these controls available:
6 momentary buttons
6 leds assigned to the 6 buttons

3-digit led display

the 6 buttons are used to control these parameters:
midi channel 1...16
transpose (lowest note in octave intervals, 0-12-24-36-48-60)
program change 0...127
controller number 0...127 resp. after touch
up (increment of the value shown in the display)
down (decrement of the value shown in the display)

mke has a non-volatile memory for the parameters midi channel, transpose, program and controller number. after the next power on the previous values are called up. normally mke is manufactured with small buttons (standard lever 2.4x2.4 mm to put on suitable knobs). if desired mke can be assembled with the same rectangle black buttons (about 8 x 6 mm) that are used in many of our devices, e.g.  maq16/3, lmk2+, lmk4+, pocket control, pocket dial, schaltwerk, regelwerk (called version 1). please specify in your order if the mke has to be equipped with this version of buttons. otherwise the small buttons as in the picture are used. any other button can be used too provided that they are wired to the existing buttons of the pc board (one simple 'on' contact required): in this case we recommend the standard version (version 2) as these buttons are more flat than version 1 and will not interfere with the case or front panel.

mke is equipped with midi in and midi out. the data appearing at the midi in are merged to the data generated by the mke. consequently several mke can be daisy-chained or combined with other oem controllers (e.g. pocket electronic, dial electronic,  ctm64 , mtc64) to built a custom-made midi controller.

mke is available only as an assembled and tested pc board. the pc board measures are about 68 mm (length) x 85 (width) x 35 mm (height). four mounting holes with 3 mm diameter are available for mounting the pc board to a suitable base or front panel e.g. with distance sleeves or spacers and screws.

please specify in your order the type of keyboard (2, 3, 4 or 5 octaves). this is necessary as each keyboard has another type of connector and suitable cables to connect mke and the keyboard are required. please emphasize in your order if the special version with the black rectangle buttons is desired (called version 1). if no specifications are made the mke is delivered in the 5 octave version with the small buttons (version 2). if you have no keyboard available we recommend to order the keyboard together with the mke as in this case the components are already connected and tested together.

we do not offer a suitable housing as this would have to be completely different for various combinations of keyboards and controlling elements.

an external power supply (7-12vdc@min. 250ma) is used.

we have several accessories available: suitable keyboards (2, 3, 4 or 5 octaves), cables for the connection between mke and the keyboards, wheels, cable sets for the wheels and the volume potentiometer, wheels and sustain socket.

if you order the electronics without keyboard please specify the keyboard that will be used (2, 3, 4 or 5 octaves). the connectors are different for the keyboards and the electronics has to be equipped with the suitable connectors. pay attention that the cables leading to the keyboards are not included in this case and have to be ordered in addition. you find these cables in our price list in the spare parts section.

electronic basic knowledge is required to install the mke electronics and to connect the controlling elements. when you are not sure if your knowledge is sufficient please consult an expert. we cannot take back modules that have become defective because of wrong installation or wrong connection of the keyboards or controlling elements. we also cannot take back modules or cables which have been soldered by the user.

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