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a-100 minicase
raw wood (non-beauty version)

price : $120.00

A100 Mini Case: Raw Wood; Non-Beauty Version

a-100 minicase
black texture (beauty version)

price : $140.00

A100 Mini Case: Black Texture; Beauty Version

all a-100 mini cases shipping from stock are now 32 hp

built-in a-100 miniature power supply/bus board with higher output current (200 ma @ ±12v and 50 ma @ +5v)
width 32 hp (e.g. four modules with 8 hp each)
4 bus connectors (i.e. max. 4 modules)
alternatively raw wood or black coated
outside measures: about 160 width x 155 height x 125 depth (mm)
max. module depth in the left half: about 50 mm (because of the heat sinks of the power supply)
max. module depth in the right half: about 90 mm
pay attention to the suitable module depths if you order the modules, e.g. a-112, a-113, a-126 or a-199 (because of the spring reverb tank)
cannot be mounted into the a-100mc.
the handles on top of the cases are enclosed but not mounted, two holes with about 3 mm diameter have to be drilled to mount the handle, if the miniatures cases have to be stacked on top of each other the handles have to be omitted.
ships with an external "wall wart" power supply (9v ac 500ma). power supplies ship with us plugs.

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