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d3c control surface (silver version)

price : $699.00

d3c control surface (black version)

price : $699.00

wooden side panels for 2x d3m + d3c (combo), mahogany colored

price : $110.00

mahogany end pieces for single d3m

price : $60.00

mounting angle for two d3m/d3m-d3c

price : $14.00

rear support bracket for rear d3c

price : $28.00

the d3c contains all elements required to control an typical organ emulation. these controls are available: 9 drawbars for upper manual, 9 drawbars for lower manual, 2 drawbars for bass pedal, 6 rotary controls for the parameters of tube and percussion and a lot of additional buttons for vibrato, chorus, key click, rotary speakers and so on. even the 10 + 12 program selection buttons of the keyboard unit d3m will be available. this is necessary if the (one or two) d3m are mounted with hidden button sections.

the connection between all modules (d3m, d3c, d3b) is established via midi. the control unit d3c is equipped with both midi and usb interface. this allows to connect the d3 combination to both worlds midi and usb (e.g. a laptop that runs b4 or evb3).

the control unit d3c can be used as a stand-alone device or in combination with one or two of the d3m keyboards (and the bass pedal d3b as soon as it is available). in the last case the buttons of the keyboard(s) are (alternatively) covered by the control unit as all control functions (including program change) are now taken over by the control unit. the control unit can can be combined with one or two keyboards.

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