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a-143-9 voltage controlled quadrature lfo

price : $99.00

this module a-143-9 is a derivative of our planned thru-zero quadrature vco. it is a voltage controlled sine lfo with 4 outputs. the phase shift between the outputs is 90 degrees. the sine shifted by 90 degrees is also called cosine, the sine shifted by 180 degrees is nothing but the inverted sine, and the sine by 90 degrees is nothing but the inverted cosine.

the frequency range is from some minutes to moderate audio (a few khz) with three ranges selected by a toggle switch. two frequency control inputs are available: cv1 without attenuator and cv2 with polarizer. consequently the module can be used even as an experimental sine vco but does not feature an exact 1v/oct cv input! the precision cv input will be left to the thru-zero quadrature vco.

a-143-9 waveform

two leds display the positive and negative share of the sine output.

the core of the module is a so-called quadrature circuit that generates a sine a cosine signal with very low distortion. the quality of the sine/cosine signals are much better than those generated by a waveform converter with a sawtooth or triangle signal as starting point.

the output levels are about 5 vss (+/-2.5v) but can be adjusted internally by a trimming potentiometer.

typical applications:
external sine/cosine oscillator for the frequency shifter a-126
modulations with pure sine/cosine waveforms
quadrature/barberpole effects (e.g. with the voltage controlled mixer a-135)
experimental sine/cosine vco (e.g. for fm sounds)

a-143-9 spectral analysis

many users suggested to add a common output level control, i.e. four vcas with one common control (manual + cv without attenuator + cv with polarizer) for the output levels. this is why we also designed the quad vca module a-132-2 with the possibility of an internal default connection to the four outputs of the a-143-9 (no soldering required, short 10 pin flat cable with removable connectors on both ends).

this module has a maximum current draw of 30ma. it requires 8 hp/te worth of space to fit in a eurorack frame.

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