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a-105 24db ssm low pass filter

price : $145.00

module a-105 is another voltage-controlled low-pass filter with 24db/octave slope. the a-105 is very similar to the a-122 that is made with a cem chip. but in contrast to the a-122 the a-105 is made with the legendary ssm filter chip ssm2044. this chip was used e.g. in these synthesizers: korg polysix, korg mono/poly, fairlight ii, ppg wave 2.2 und 2.3, emu sp-1200, siel dk600, siel opera 6. the first prophets used the ssm2040 - the precedessor of the 2044 - that generates a very similar sound.

the special feature of the 4 pole low pass ssm2044 is the patented so-called "true open loop design that delivers a characteristic fat sound not available from other devices" (extract from ssm2044 data sheet). the module will feature voltage controlled resonance and a sensitve audio input to obtain distortion - if desired. regarding to the functions, controls and in/outputs the module is identical to the 24db low pass filter a-122 that is built around a cem chip. but the sound, the resonance behaviour and the distortion behaviour are completely different for both modules.

the user's manual of the a-105 is identical to the a-122.

this module has a maximum current draw of 30ma. it requires 8 te/hp worth of space to fit in a eurorack frame.

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