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a100 basic system 2 portable (black case) with midi

price : $2,599.00

the a-100 basic system 2 portable is nearly identical with to the basic system 2 but comes in a self-contained suitcase carrier with the powerswitch on the back.

2x standard vco a-110
2x adsr a-140
2 x lfo a-145
1 x a-106-6 16-fold vc xpander filter
1 x ring modulator a-114
1 x audio divider a-115
1 x vc waveform processor a-116
1 x noise/random a-118
1 x vcf1 a-120 (24db low pass 1)
1 x linear vca a-130
1 x logarithmic vca a-131
1 x linear mixer a-138a
1 x logarithmic mixer a-138b
1 x dual s&h a-148
1 x trigger divider a-160
1 x trigger sequencer a-161
1 x dual slew limiter a-170
1 x multiple i a-180
1 x midi interface a-190
20 patch cables (mixed)
a-100 user manual

it is also possible to integrate a-100 into a midi system using one of our separate midi interfaces such as an mcv4 or mcv24.

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