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a-190-4 usb/midi-to-cv/gate/sync interface

price : $260.00

a-190-4 is the replacement for module a-190-1 which is no longer avaiulable. the functions of a-190-1 and a-190-4 are nearly the same (midi in, midi out, cv1, cv2, gate, clock, reset). but the operation of the a-190-4 has been improved because a 3-digit led display is available. the current values of all parameters (like midi channel, reference note, clock divider) can be read back and modified by means of up/down buttons. in addition a-190-4 is equipped with an usb interface and the external +5v supply is no longer available. consequently the additional charges for the 5v adapter fall away.

the module width is the same for a-190-1 and a-190-4. in the a-100 basic systems the a-190-1 will be replaced by the a-190-4 from about may 2014.

a detailed description of the module will follow soon.

this module has a maximum current draw of 200ma. it requires 10 te/hp worth of space to fit in a eurorack frame.

please click here to download the manual.

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