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division 6
filtare seiii

price : $250.00

the filtare seiii is a multimode, state-variable voltage-controlled filter that gives you low-pass, band-pass and high-pass outputs which are all simultaneously available. it also includes a notch output which allows you to change the balance between low-pass and high-pass. the seiii uses discrete components but is based on ssm2040 architechture, giving you a very musical sounding filter. there are cv inputs for frequency, resonance and notch balance. the 1 v/o cv input for frequency can be used to have the filter follow what you're playing on the keyboard or just crank up the resonance and use it as a sine-wave oscillator.

modes: lp, bp, hp
all modes are 4-pole (24db/octave)
notch: change balance between lp and hp (total drop with balance at center is 3.4db)
power supply: +/12 vdc
width: 8hp

cv (for frequency control): 1v/o fixed
cv (for frequency control): adjustable
cv (for resonance)
cv (for notch balance)


cv level (frequency)
notch balance

audio samples:
lp frequency sweep
bp frequency sweep
hp frequency sweep
notch bal. sweep
notch bal. & freq. sweep
2 lfo strings
2 lfo strings 2
2 lfo strings 3
2 lfo drums
2 lfo drums 2
noise lp freq. res.
noise bp freq. res.
noise hp freq. res.
noise notch balance
noise notch frequency
kidz 1 (audio rate)
kidz 2 (audio rate)
overdrive notch sweep
overdrive hp sweep
bass notch
bass lp
bass bp
bass hp

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