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bit: the legend of fuzz

price : $95.00

- volume knob : lots of gain on tap
- control knob : changes fuzz intensity and texture

- volume knob : lots of gain on tap
- control knob : hard left increases treble over tones, middle is more muffled, hard right is a full bodied texture

- true bypass
- mxr sized enclosure
- boutique quality components
- incredibly low ma draw
- silicon transistor based
- 9 volt, 2.1 mm, negative tip power jack
- 9 volt battery snap inside (unscrew the back plate)

video demonstration:
this is the bit by aen

sound samples::
legend of fuzz by lowwoods
the bit is most brutal. it spits a wicked decay and makes a great texture device. nothin' else like it ! :d
trackone drums - roland vdrums > bit > mbox
tracktwo bass - warwick 5stringstandardstreamer > bit > mbox
trackthree guitarone - lespaulultra > bit > amp > mic > mbox
trackfour guitartwo - lespaulultra > bit > mbox
trackfive guitarlead - usa strat > bit > amp > mic > mbox
tracksix guitarsfx - usa strat > bit > mbox
amp = fender bluesjr (15w tube)
mic = shure ksm32
bit = gnarly sucka

snake charmer by lowwoods
direct line bass and all amped guitars! the bit works wonders with other pedals! freaky tones!
trackone bass - warwick5stringstreamerstandard > bit > mbox
tracktwo rhythmguitar - usa strat > hyperion > bit > amp > mic > mbox
trackthree guitartwo - les paul ultra > 05 > bit > amp > mic > mbox
trackfour leadguitar - les paul ultra > 33 > bit > amp > mic > mbox
amp = fender blues jr.
mic = shure ksm32

level up by lowwoods
all direct line, baby. i had the control maxxed out on the bass and it was perfect. i cranked the control with the strat and let her cook the splattered decay! when using the les paul, i backed off of the control a little and it was really fun for lead!
trackone drums - korgemx > mbox
tracktwo bass - warwick 5stringstreamerstandard > bit > mbox
trackthree guitarrhythm - usa strat > bit > mbox
trackfour guitarlead - les paul ultra > bit > mbox

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