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dave smith instruments
prophet '08 (potentiometer edition)

price : $1,799.00

Prophet '08: Potentiometer Edition

prophet '08 (special edition)

price : $2,499.00

Prophet '08: Special Edition

there are two versions of the prophet '08; the standard version, and a special edition (se), a 30-year anniversary limited run with red backlit wheels, exotic leopardwood side panels, and an se-designated overlay that dave smith will individually sign. the se comes with the dave smith instrumental innovator dvd, and a free copy of the prophet '08 pc or mac editor.

the return of a legend or the beginning of a new era? the prophet '08 is an eight-voice synthesizer with a 100% analog signal path. while the prophet '08's overall sonic character will be familiar to anyone who knows dave's work from the '70s and '80s, it is much more than just a vintage reissue with a few new bells and whistles. of course, it includes features we now take for granted, like velocity and aftertouch. add to that performance features like an arpeggiator, gated step sequencer, and the ability to split and layer sounds. the modulation possibilities are much deeper than anything sequential ever produced, making it capable of producing sounds the "classics" simply could not. dave has always said that he is only interested in moving forward. the prophet '08 is the product of evolution, not nostalgia.

two analog oscillators per voice.
classic curtis analog low-pass filters.
extensive modulation routing capabilities.
four-on-four splits and layers with separate stereo outputs for each layer.
arpeggiator, gated 16 x 4 step sequencer, and lfos all syncable.

5-octave keyboard with semi-weighted action, velocity, and aftertouch.
spring-loaded pitch wheel and assignable mod wheel
256 fully editable programs (2 banks of 128) with 2 layers (2 separate sounds) in each program.
16 x 4 gated step sequencer
2 digitally controlled analog oscillators (dcos) per voice with selectable sawtooth, triangle, saw/triangle mix, and pulse waves (with pulse-width modulation), and hard sync.
white noise generator
1 analog curtis low-pass filter per voice, selectable 2- and 4-pole operation (self-resonating in 4-pole mode).
3 envelope generators: filter, vca, and assignable (four-stage adsr + delay); envelope 3 can loop.
4 lfos
glide (portamento): separate rates per oscillator.
analog vcas

ins and outs:
midi in, out, thru, and poly chain
main stereo audio output: 1/4" unbalanced
output b stereo audio output: 1/4" unbalanced
sustain pedal input: accepts normally on or normally off momentary footswitch.
pedal/cv input: responds to expression pedals or control voltages ranging from 0 to 5 vdc (protected against higher or negative voltages).
headphone output: 1/4" stereo phone jack.
includes power supply for 110v 240v ac operation (13-15 vdc, 400 ma) and operation manual.

1. short clips of several prophet '08 lead sounds edited together (with no additional processing.
2. short clips of several prophet '08 pad sounds edited together (with no additional processing).
3. short clips of several prophet '08 pad sounds edited together (with no additional processing).
4. short clips of several prophet '08 sequences edited together (with no additional processing or multitracking).
5. short clips of several prophet '08 effects sounds edited together (with no additional processing).
6. multitracked prophet '08 with no additional processing or instrumentation.

factory program demos:
Filter Chant
Spit n' Spank
Sus4 Stack
Tom Sawyer
Toto French Horn

for more information, download the operation manual.

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