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broken silicon
error codes 1 - z-dsp card

price : $85.00

"error codes 1" is the first of a series of custom cartridges for the z-dsp eurorack module of tiptop audio made by "broken silicon". the cartridge contains 8 quite diverse programs ranging from audio transformers to signal and cv generators.

#1 combiner - dual comb filter with positive & negative feedback control.
typical use: run with percussive audio or drum loops. alternative use: feed with trigger signals, short envelopes or noise bursts.

#2 noisekraft - digital noise generator with speed and bit depth controls.
typical use: noise source with modulated speed. alternative use: feed output to cutoff modulation of self-resonating filter.

#3 7 sins - seven sine wave generators running with linear frequency spread. typical use: strange oscillator as base material for further processing.

#4 bit eater - bit crusher and crude sample rate reducer.
typical use: destroy any audio material. alternative use: use output as modulation source like for cutoff modulation of self-resonating filter.

#5 clipper - digital clipping distortion.
typical use: destroy any audio material.

#6 wave shaver - digital wave shaper.
typical use: shape periodic waveforms with less harmonics like triangular waves. alternative use: shape complex waveforms or audio material, also shaping lfo signals.

#7 sync osc - digital pulse wave oscillator synchronized from audio input.
typical use: control with saw from vco for generating harsh sync effects. alternative use: feed with lfo signals. modulate pitch.

#8 burstwerk - repeating envelope generator.
typical use: use as control signal for all kind of modulation purposes.


click here for the user manual.

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