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blue lantern
tri core duo lfo

price : $210.00

euro 11hp
waves: triangle, square, spike
frequency: from very slow beating for true lfo operation, to ultra sonic vco rate.
led's signal frequency rate.
inputs: pitch cv, sync input
knob control: tune, and sync level
depth: 3.5" clearance for skiffs.

i have secretly been working on this for a few months. i managed to find network transistor smt chips so that i did not have to solder so many transistors. i am not using ca3046 transistor arrays, that is obsolete. the performance of the new modern transistor array is better. this is primarily a dual vclfo, but i added a switch so that you can switch into vco mode. this contains the same discrete /core as the lunar modulation center. this is a great modulation source to add to any existing vco you have in your rack. the sync is incredible! both of the vco's can be tuned for 1v/oct operation (top trimmers). the other trimmer is the output offset for precision shifting of the wave so that it modulates the way you like when in lfo mode.

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