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cv arpeggiator v3 (white)

price : $265.00

a digital-based arpeggio that will sequence vco's (for example) with looping arpeggio patterns. the classic up, down, alternating, etc. can be done with this module.

this replaces vc arpeggiator v2. the following have been added: more outputs, a reset button and a lag circuit on one of the outputs.
this module uses a pic chip from

every knob except the lag knob can be voltage controlled with -5v/+5v signals.

there are 2 arpeggio outputs. one of them contains a lag or so called portamento effect. the other output contains the ability to output digital aliasing or a decimating effect with a flick of the switch. this makes your vco sound like a cool metallic ring mod.

metal mini toggle switches are used for selecting modes.

click here for the users manual.

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