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blind monk modular

price : $169.00


programa is a highly controllable 8-bit modulation source / envelope generator that can generate complex yet synchronized control voltages. inputs trigger the rise and fall of the voltage, hold the voltage at it's current position, reset it back to zero, and change the rise and fall speed. constantly changing envelope or modulation shapes can be created by feeding the inputs with gates, triggers, lfos, or other signals. there is additional control for exponential shape of the slope as well as an external clock input for further customization and longer rise / fall times.

complex yet synchronized modulation source
from slow rise and fall times of 25 seconds or more to a fraction of a second.
saw and ramp lfos can be created by holding the pause input high
more basic envelopes can be created by re-triggering the the up or down inputs simultaneously with the reset input
create bending and twisting sequences, infinitely long envelopes, accent notes, clock divided envelopes

12 ma +12v
23 ma -12v
29 ma 5v
skiff friendly

download the users manual here.

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