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blacet research got started in 1978 and was called blacet music research. a series of diy articles in synapse and polyphony magazines led to the introduction of some analog/digital synthesis modules in kit form. these included the digital pattern generator, the voltage controlled clock (with event arranger), the phasefilter and the frequency divider.

later products were two analog delays, one of which was called the time machine, and the self contained wand controlled synthesizer, the syn-bow. the dark star, a mini noise based synthesis module was also available.

the early 80's brought the digital synthesizer revolution and midi. demand for analog products and kit projects fell to near zero levels. our final product from that era was instantmod, a ribbon controller for the casio cz101.

blacet research evolved into the computer aided design field, industrial electronic controllers, and later branched into multimedia design. we never lost our love for the art of sound synthesis and music, however and kept our hand in by providing soundtracks for video productions.

now, analog is alive again as musicians used to the digital realm began to pick up old analog gear and explore the unique qualities inherent in this area of technology. several new and old companies provide gear that combines some of the best of the old with the new.

our goal is to provide professionally designed modules with unique sounds and features, using the most interesting technology available.


MIDI to Sequencer Interface Chip

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