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[bf22] sallen-key filter

price : $299.00

this is a dual hi/low pass filter. inspired by the famous sallen key filter from ms-20 early version.

it has attenuverters (inverter-attenuator) as an addition to the normal cv control in cut-off and cv control for the resonance with a little more presence of the resonance than the original. the normal cv control for cut-off keeps tracking trough 3 octaves.

the 'link' switch connects the input of the second into the output of the first to have it in series

eurorack compatible
can be powered with +/-12v or +/-15v without changes.
current needs: +12v: 40ma -12v: 35ma
banana or minijack connectors available
selectable hp/lp mode 6/12 db
cutoff and resonance cv controlled.
17 hp / 47 mm depth

disclaimer: this filter brings to your modular system the character and characteristics of early ms-20 sound: kick-ass-rocking-dirty screams!

download the asembly manual and schematics pdf.

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