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adm06: sequencer 1

price : $699.00

sometimes, a company has to throw down the gauntlet and say "this right here is the best thing, period, full stop." sequencer 1 is that thing. it is, empirically, the most sophisticated euro-rack sequencer available. with a musically intuitive approach to programming, a massive helping of generative functions, and a feature list as long as, well, a really, really long list, sequencer 1 covers all the bases, and then some.

with micro sd card storage and software updates, backing up and updating are as easy as dragging and dropping. four banks of 16 patterns (each up to 64 steps) make live performance a breeze. front-panel one-push access to all commonly-used features means no menu diving, no rote memorization of hex codes, and no confusion. 1v/oct, hz/v and gate/inverse gate/s-trig outputs mean it'll drive both modern eurorack and vintage analog synths. hell, the three tempo-synced lfos are worth the price of admission alone.

in short, sequencer 1 is the end-all-be-all of production sequencers, for both studio use and live performance, and the feature list will only get longer, with a clear roadmap of updates and additions, and all the programming knowledge and experience that audio damage can bring to bear on this, our flagship product.

four banks of sixteen patterns each, for a total of 64 patterns.

each pattern can be 1 to 64 steps.

direct front-panel access to all major features; hardly any menu diving.

micro sd card (on back of unit) for pattern storage and super-simple firmware updates. 2gb micro sd card included with unit, pre-installed with latest firmware.

1v/oct and hz/volt pitch cv output.

individually programmable gate and accent outputs, with selectable gate, inverse gate (vintage yamaha), and s-trig (vintage korg and moog) modes.

external sync, run, and reset inputs. (1 pulse per step currently. 24- and 48-ppq din sync coming soon!)

zero-latency sync, run, and reset outputs. (24- and 48-ppq modes coming soon!)

three tempo-synced internal lfos with 25 waveforms, phase, three voltage modes, and length from single step to 256 steps (16 measures at 4/4).

two cv inputs for modulating current step, step mode, gate length, current pattern, transpose, repeat mode, and ratcheting.

three cv outputs programmable per step, with several lfo modes (replace, addition, and multiplication).

programmable per step: pitch, gate, accent, note length/tie, three cv output values, slide, and ratchet.

programmable per pattern: swing, number of steps, playback mode (forward, reverse, two ping-pong modes, random step, every other step, and walk.)

front-panel "repeat" functions for live-cutting of sequences; repeats the last 8, 4, 2, or 1 step(s) while held down. also a cv modulation target.

front-panel "ratchet" functions for ratcheting 2 or 4 times on each step while held down. an additional 3-step ratchet is available for direct programming per step.

20mm depth, eminently skiffable.

36hp width, 110ma current draw on the +12v buss.

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