audible disease
audio signal switcher ass-1

price : $69.00

the audio signal switcher ass-1 from audible disease is a simple passive signal-switching device that takes either one input and lets you switch between two outputs or run it the other way and switch between two inputs into a common output. the purple colored indicator lights not only are mesmerizing but also let you know which channel is selected a feature not found in other name brand passive a/b switchers. all this is housed in a tiny enclosure to save space on pedal boards.

the audio signal switcher ass-1 is powered with a standard adapter with a 'barrel' type tip (9-volt dc negative center pin). we recommend the visual sound 1 spot power adapter (available through noisefx). since the pedal is a passive device, powering the pedal is not necessary for the switching to work. power is needed only to see the two led channel indicators.