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oberkorn (eurorack)
black version

price : $702.00

oberkorn (eurorack)
white version

price : $702.00

key features of eurorack oberkorn:
3x cv channels, 2x gate channels, 5x midi-trigger
3 separate full 16 step cv channels
48 cv knobs, 16 gate switches, 17 leds
cv control of speed / tempo.
aluminium construction.
more more more!

the gate output is approx. 10v positive trigger - designed to work with just about all monosynths that have a gate input. no doubt there are some rare exceptions.

note; that korg ms and yamaha cs series use an inverted gate input. it is possible to custom order a modified oberkorn with one or both gate outputs modified to have inverted 5v outputs. this has been tested on an ms20 only.

eurorack oberkorn is identical to the stand-alone non-euro version - except it does not have midi-trigger. this is because the midi sockets are on the rear of the case. the eurorack version is modules - it has no rear for midi sockets - and, there is no space on the front for any more sockets! it is full! use our mt9 midi-trigger module if you want a quick and easy way to sync to midi.

note: oberkorn required +5v in addition to -12v and +12v. on doepfer cases, 5v is an option. buy the option if you have a doepfer case

download the user manual here.

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