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analogue solutions : concussor modular synthesiser


analogue solutions concussor modules are the same physical size and use the same power connectors as doepfer a-100 modules. they will mount in doepfer eurorack cases and are 100% compatible when patching. the following analogue solutions modules require +5v power: bd99, cb88, hh88, m2cv, mt16, gt8 and sq8. when using them in a doepfer case, an a-100 ad5 +5v adaptor board is required.



the vco has the benefit of glide (portamento) built in as standard and also features pw control, sync in and separate saw and square outs.

price : $145.00


4x passive attenuators - for level control

price : $65.00


84hp plastic case (includes power supply)

price : $199.00

please note : 2 full racks shown here

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