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alm busy circuits
alm017-ex: pexp-1

price : $115.00

ALM017-EX: Pamela's New Workout (PEXP-1)

alm017-ex: pexp-2

price : $75.00

ALM017-EX: Pamela's New Workout (PEXP-2)

pexp-1 & pexp-2 are two expander modules for pamela's new workout both offering additional dedicated fixed clocked outputs. extend pam as a master to clock external gear with a super solid midi & din sync dedicated clock outputs. use extra fixed jack clocked gate outputs to free up pamela outputs for more exotic modulation dutys. connects too, and powered by, expander header on rear of pamela's new workout. only a single expander is supported at any time.

pexp-1 features:
din socketed din sync and midi clock dedicated outputs.
4 extra buffered fixed gate outputs - x1, x2, x4 & /4

pexp-2 features:
3.5mm jack socketed midi clock output
midi wiring orientation switchable (for differing 3.5mm wiring setups)
buffered x24 & run jack outputs

power: additional 25ma (pexp-1) to 15ma (pexp-2)
size: 2hp & 4hp
depth: 38mm

download the users manual here.

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