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alm busy circuits
alm012: sid guts deluxe

price : $425.00

ALM Busy Circuits ALM012: Sid Guts Deluxe

the original sid guts took the legendary sid chip and tailored it into the eurorack modular environment. by use of a real sid chip the classic sound was taken in a new direction with the levels of direct and voltage control only a modular system can offer.

the 'sid guts deluxe' improves upon the original sid guts 'eurorack sid voice' by adding both new features and further control.

the module now includes improved frequency control, a chord mode using all available oscillators and numerous other tweaks.

wider frequency control range (full 8 octaves) with fine and course offset knobs.
improved v/oct tracking, adjustment and stability.
voltage controlled chord mode with inversion and up to 3 voice chords.
voltage control of filter type selection.
attenuverters on both pwm and filter voltage inputs.
all surface mount single pcb construction thus smaller depth & more skiff friendly.

technical specifications:
supply: ±12v
current draw: ~50-200ma (with vintage sid chip)
size: 19 hp
depth: 32mm (including power header)

download the manual here.

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