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alm011: akemie's castle

price : $599.00

akemie's castle is a dual voltage controlled oscillator with authentic 4 operator digital fm using 'new-old-stock' yamaha ic's for audio signal generation.

each of the 4 operators feature independent waveform selection, frequency multiplier and level control via direct panel operation and voltage control. operators can be combined in various ways across both oscillators, which together with independent feedback control on each vco, offer an extremely wide palette of sounds.

oscillator a also features a chord mode providing a range of up to 5 voice chords and voltage controlled inversion.

authentic digital fm sound for eurorack with never before seen levels of control
dual independent and combine-able outputs
4 operator / 6 algorithm / 8 waveform / feedback fm
rich chord mode producing up to 5 voice chords with inversion also
reverse polarity protection.
skiff friendly.
designed and made in the uk.

technical specifications:
supply: +/-12v
current draw: ~120ma
size: 38 hp
depth: 32mm (including power header)

download the manual here.

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