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alm busy circuits
alm009: tangle quartet

price : $275.00

ALM009: Tangle Quartet

'tangle quartet' is a high quality quad linear voltage controlled amplifier (vca) providing individual level control of 4 signal inputs with both individual outputs and a combined 'mix' output (for non patched outputs) . control signal inputs and associated attenuation controls allow for voltage control of signal levels. control inputs are normalised to 5v thus providing manual mix control in the absence of control signals.

features include:
4 high quality clean bleed free linear vca's in a compact 8hp.
utilises 2164 vca ic's for high performance with low noise and low signal distortion.
dc coupled inputs and non inverting outputs to support both audio and non audio signals.
normalised attenuation controls allow for manual mixer like operation with no control signal patched.
combined mix and individual outputs.
reverse polarity protection.
skiff friendly.
designed and made in the uk.

technical specifications:
supply: ±12v (reverse voltage protection)
current draw: ~80ma
size: 8 hp
depth: 32mm (including power header)

you can download the users manual here.

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