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alm008: pip slope

price : $130.00

ALM008: Pip Slope

pip slope is an envelope generator. it supports both attack/decay and attack/sustain/decay type functions with both direct and voltage control of attack and decay times. envelopes can be automatically looped and the function curve type changed between exponential and linear.

features include:
compact function generator in 4hp.
voltage control of attack and release times.
super snappy attack times - sub 1ms to 100s+ range.
optional self looping ability.
exponential and linear curves.
state saved across power cycles.
reverse polarity protection.
skiff friendly.
designed and made in the uk.

technical specifications:
supply: +/-12v (reverse voltage protection)
current draw: ~50ma
size: 4 hp
depth: 32mm (including power header)

you can download the users manual here.

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