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addac709c ehx c9 vc organ machine

price : $489.00

ADDAC709C EHX C9 VC Organ Machine

the addac709c is an official recreation of electro-harmonix's c9 organ machine pedal which is meant to "transform the tone of a guitar or keyboard into that of a convincing electric organ". well here it is ready for your modular system!

feed it with any audio signal you want, and look to be surprised. ehx's polyphonic pitch tracker makes any waveform turn into amazing organ timbres, the three audio inputs makes it easier to achieve polyphony removing the need for an external mixer.

in our 709c, the ehx c9 control-knobs organ (volume), mod (modulation speed) and click (percussive attack level) have been preserved. the dry volume knob has been replaced by the inputs mix. in addac's organ machine this knob controls the volume of the input signal(s) to be processed, i.e. a value of 0 will mute the module. you also have control over each inputs individual volume through three dedicated multi-turn trimmer pots. the dry/wet mix output will let you control the percentages of dry and wet signals present at the output. the organ and mix saturation trimmer pots amplify or attenuate their maximum volume values, here less saturation generates sweeter and mellow timbres while more saturation generates nasty growling organs.

the 9 presets of the original electro-harmonix organ machine were kept, but here, besides selecting them with a knob, you are also able to swap them with a cv signal (prsts cv).

the 6 cv inputs available in the module let you cv variate its corresponding parameter. each has a dedicated attenuation knob (att.) and an invert toggle that change its polarity (and hence the way that attenuation acts).

the audio outputs section offers three separate outs: inputs mix, dry/wet mix and organ.

we can't express how gratefull we are to electro-harmonix for trusting us and allowing us to do such module!

format: eurorack
width: 14 hp
depth: 5 cm

cv inputs: ±10v
max current: 130ma on +12v, 70ma on -12v
bus board cable: 8 × 2 idc (doepfer style) connector

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