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addac system
addac701 vc oscillator

price : $599.00

the addac701 is a fully analog voltage controlled oscillator. it works at both the audio and sub-audio ranges (0.01 to 40.000 hz), with four simultaneous waveform outputs (rectangular, sawtooth, triangle and sine).

choose your octave and tune the frequency using several scaling options, including a dedicated cv input for microtuning. the rectangular wave has two dedicated mixable cv inputs that control pulse width, to create incredibly dynamic timbres.

on the auxiliary output you can switch on any waveform, with straight or inverted outputs. a linear input allows you to control the frequency linearly, essential for operations like frequency modulation, with a dedicated knob for attenuation.

the addac701 includes internal compensation for room temperature, so that your oscillations are always in tune, no matter where you are.

thanks to kazike of club of the knobs for letting us create this great product.

four simultaneous outputs of rectangular, sawtooth, triangular and sine waves.
audio frequency range: 1 - 40.000 hz.
low frequency range: 0.01 - 400 hz.
pulse width control for rectangular wave with two mixable inputs.
microtuning with dedicated cv input.
linear frequency control input.
week and strong sync trigger.
auxiliary out with normal and inverted outputs, with choice of waveform and output level

format: eurorack
width: 12 hp
depth: 5.5 cm

max current: 100ma
bus board cable: 8 2 idc (doepfer style) connector


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