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abstract data
kicker (no power supply)

price : $199.00

100% analog, hand-made and tested in-house
dual sine-wave oscillators with independent pitch control
punch switch for aggressive, high-impact sounds
attack switch & envelope decay control
can be triggered using line-level audio or a cv pulse
kick drums, sub drops, bass hits and more
capable of very low frequencies
chrome-plated case & pro hardware
limited-edition run

technical specs:
switches (top to bottom): (power) on, (output) punch, (attack) slow
knobs - row 1 (l to r): osc1 pitch, env decay, osc2 volume
knobs - row 2 (l to r): osc2 pitch, osc2 param1, osc2 param2
inputs (6.5mm mono): trigger in (audio), trigger in (cv pulse)
output (6.5mm mono): audio out
power (not included): 12v dc, 2.1mm socket, tip = negative
dimensions (mm): (w) 132 x (h) 68 x (d) 77
weight (kg): (unpackaged) 0.43
case construction: chrome-plated 0.9mm mild steel (cr4)

audio sample:

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