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abstract data
ade-51: vc ahdsr / ahd

price : $185.00


the ade-51 is a highly-specced envelope generator with a full cv implementation providing ahdsr and ahd envelopes in linear or exponential curves with trigger and re-trigger functionality.

the ade-51 is capable of fast, precise envelope stages with a rise/fall time minimum of 1 millisecond, a maximum of 10 seconds for the a, d and r stages and a 2.5 second maximum for the h stage.

a unique envelope time control allows manual or cv control over all envelope stages simultaneously and tapered pot curves allow for greater precision when dialling in faster envelope times.

two simultaneous outputs are available offering a standard 'rising' envelope and an inverted 'falling' envelope - with no need for additional inversion or biasing stages.

download the manual here.

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