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ade-50: 3x vca

price : $185.00

ADE-50 3x VCA

the ade-50 provides 3 all-analogue voltage controlled amplifiers based on a modern operational transconductance amplifier design.

the vcas are designed to provide a good balance between the performance and specification of modern 'on-chip' vcas and the character and musicality of classic analogue designs.

the ota core of each vca is fully discrete - it is built from only resistors, capacitors and transistors - however, the cv conditioning, audio input and output stages are built using high-quality op-amps giving the best balance between musicality, character and performance.

the ade-50 provides a good signal-to-noise ratio, linearity, attenuation, an output level at unity gain at 5v cv input, minimal cv 'bleed'and minimal output offset/bias.

download the manual here.

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