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abstract data
ade-20: multimode vcf

price : $299.00

warm, classic sound combined with a modern feature set, built into a low-profile, high-quality 10hp eurorack module.

simultaneous, ac-coupled low, high, band and all-pass outputs. wide-ranging frequency cutoff and resonance to self-oscillation. feedback insert for 'stacked' filter types and wild sonic manipulation.

full cv control, on-board attenuation and dedicated 1v oct input. dedicated attenuation and gain of both audio and feedback inputs.

lush pads, tearing leads, deep filter kicks, sound design and more. the ade-20 brings classic character to the modern modular

audio samples:
demo 1: pad sweeps
input: 3x part harmony w/- sawtooth & pulse waves.
cv: doepfer a-140 adsr to ade-20 cutoff frequency.

demo 2: noise and random fx
input: various vcos and doepfer a-118 noise.
cv: doepfer a-118 noise, mfb dual lfo (random).

demo 3: edm fundamentals
input: ade-20 filter kick, white noise hi-hats, sawtooth lead.
cv: various lfo and gate/trigger patterns.

download the manual here.

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